Interview Agent/Office Videos

1) Interview Videos Create Trust

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Problem: Chances are, your trendy client has never heard of you or your office. For the younger homebuyer, they need to feel comfortable and safe, that’s the reality of the situation and being aware of the amount of money they are committing to, they take very seriously how you and them “VIBE.” Feeling and emotion control everything and if they don’t feel safe around you, they will simple vanish and move on. We have all seen it.

Solution: Make an interview video and post it on your site and social media. This way you can control your perception and the sale. Keep the trust high and be personal. Talk about real life for you. Talk about your hobbies. “I like to ride horse and garden as much as I can when I am not cleaning up toys and throw up:)”
They love this intimate connection and it will build strong relationships with your new home buyers and their families.


Sample Video: